An audit is a great way to get feedback on your Puppet code, architecture, and processes. This ensures that you are not implementing patterns that will cause problems later when they are more costly to refactor and that the processes and architecture are in line with your goals. The audit is conducted remotely and includes time to go over the findings, in person or remotely. The end result is a document containing the findings of the audit, a list of work to be done that is prioritized by return on investment for time spent, and a meeting for your team to discuss the findings and ask questions.



Consulting options are tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. We have immense experience providing consulting for Puppet as well as the processes and tooling that surrounds it.

        • Building the architecture that will scale to your needs
        • Writing quality code that provides a data driven infrastructure
        • Development life cycle and peer review work flows
        • How to work with multiple teams
        • Integration with systems provisioning
        • Integration with other tools and processes
        • Asset management


Custom Development

Turn your old scripts into Puppet code. We work in an agile way to produce code that helps you reach your goals for automation. This might include custom modules or integrating with internal or third party tools.